Tung Lashor by Madtinker76

July 29, 2009


When I first saw this latest custom by Madtinker76, I was blown away.  Once again, he has taken an MOTU character and re-imagined him in a much more realistic, highly-detailed manner, but somehow didn’t lose any of the charm of the original figure.  It’s almost like your 80′s Tung Lashor figure came to life!  But, it gets better.  I then found out that Madtinker76 made this specifically for Nerd City!  How awesome is that?

From Madtinker76:

The body is the recent bi-beast from the hulk lines of toys. I think he appeared in the hulk video game. Love the armor on this figure and it reminded me of the MOTU Tung Lashor from the four horsemen. The head is from a 90′s Batman line Killer Croc with some apoxy and sculpting. I also sculpted the snake emblems on the chest and wrist bands.
I tried to not make him so pink.. I have no idea what was going on at Mattel. “hey, let’s have snakemen and have one big pink snake with a tongue that lashes”..
Not going to go there Freud.
Anyway comments and feedback are always welcome. Next MOTU.. Whiplash! Work in Progress pics at my myspace page.

Check out Madtinker76′s Myspace page (complete with those sweet Whiplash pics) here.

Adn, Check out more of his work over at FigureRealm here.

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