New “The Guild” Comic Book From Dark Horse

July 28, 2009


NES-rockers I Fight Dragons recently stopped by Piece Brewery to record an episode of Nerd City, and in our beer-fueled conversations, lead singer Brian mentioned “The Guild“.

Admittedly, I didn’t really know much about it. Then, today, I received an email from Dark Horse saying they will be publishing a “The Guild” comic book. My curiousity finally piqued (it takes a lot), I decided to check it out for myself. A very funny online video series created by Dr. Horrible/Buffy alum Felicia Day, The Guild is a sort of World of WarcraftThe Office“, and has become one of the most successful internet series of all time. With Day’s success in both this and Dr. Horrible, she has demonstrated a true knack for the medium, and it’s very exciting to see her involved with oneĀ  of, if not the, coolest comic publishers in the universe.

Although comedy comics can be hard to pull off, it is possible, (see The Clerks comics), and Day’s sense of humor seems like it could translate very well. Although no release date or artist has been announced, this is definitely a book to check out, (at least once), when it does come out.

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