First Trailers For Marvel’s Anime Projects

July 28, 2009


Making their way around the net today are the first two pre-lim trailers for the upcoming Anime series based off of Wolverine and Iron Man. These projects will be scripted by Warren Ellis (Astonishing X-men, Planetary, etc..) and will unfortunately be shown only in Japan. There is no word if these will be released in the states, but Marvel would be stupid to pass up that DVD/Blu-Ray money. The rumored future projects of this nature will be for Blade and The X-men, untill then enjoy these two trailers.

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    5 Responses to “First Trailers For Marvel’s Anime Projects”

    1. ben Says:

      I approve of the Iron Man one, for sure. That Wolverine one looks pretty wack, though.

    2. bob Says:

      Iron Man looks sweet, the wolverine one looks like some sort of weird anime porno don’t get me wrong I like weird anime porn but not this one.

    3. Mike Says:

      I guess I’m the only one who thinks the Wolverine one looks interesting.

    4. ben Says:

      For me, Mike, it looks very stereotypically Anime and seems to have very little to do with Wolverine. In a sense, I guess I can see where that is interesting. But, I’m really not into a lot of stuff that’s like that.

    5. Mike Says:

      Keep in mind that these are all pre-lim tests so the series might actually turn out different.