The Future of Next-Gen Advertising

July 27, 2009

Everything, Everything Else

The folks over at Urbanscreen have unveiled what has to be a mouth watering prospect for those in the corporate advertising world.  As the video above shows, Urbanscreen takes a somewhat plain looking museum (the Galerie der Gegenwart, it’s German!) and applies their 3D projection techniques to make it look like a constantly changing facade.  Some of the effects are jaw dropping (as in when it appears to have three stories of windows) and some don’t really work (the hands at the beginning) but there’s really no limit to what can be done.  A prime example of where I bet this will be heading is New York City.  Can you imagine some of this tech in Times Square?  I know there’s millions of ads already but most of them are sign, ribbon, or neon based.  It’s not the buildings themselves giving the show, not to mention once they’re up you’re limited to the design of the board it’s on.  Urbanscreen is only limited in what their artists can imagine.

Urbanscreen’s homepage here.

Gizmodo’s story on it here.

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