Apple Tablet Rumors in Full Swing

July 27, 2009

Everything, Everything Else


Ok.  We know it’s coming.  It’s just a matter of when.  Several sources over the weekend have upped the anty a bit with reports that whatever tablet device Apple is cooking up in Cupertino is nearly ready to be served.  AppleInsider is reporting that this new device will be launched early next year.  They were the first to bring us the rumors that Apple was actually working on a tablet back in 2007 (here).  They go on to say the reason for the 2+ year delay was strictly related to Steve Jobs and his analdom for the perfect gadget.  If something wasn’t right it was scrapped and started over.  The other report that has some merit to it is from The Financial Times.  They are claiming a potential SEPTEMBER launch alongside new content deals with the music industry.  September has historically been the time for iPod refreshes, so if this tablet device is to be basically a larger iPod Touch it makes some sense time frame wise (not to mention getting it out for the holidays).  There’s a lot of speculation (actually, that’s ALL there is) on the operating system, internal capabilities, and the usual tech jargon.  The one universal rumor all sites are reporting is a 10″ form factor.  A interesting possibility that is gaining traction is having the device subsidized by a wireless company.  Verizon is supposedly the front runner right now, which would give the tablet as much functionality as an iPhone (and not crippling AT&T’s network).  Much more detail about these rumors can be found in the links below.

AppleInsider here

The Financial Times here

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