“Happy Saturday”

July 25, 2009


Happy Saturday Nerd City. I figure since it’s Comic Con in San Diego this weekend why not have a comic book beer. You may be asking yourself “Bob there is a comic book character with his/her own beer and how is it a dreamy young supple man such as yourself is single?” guess what Nerd City there is a comic book beer and I am single because I abuse alcohol. I am talking about Gumballhead from Three Floyd’s Brewery in Muenster Indiana.

Gumballhead is a comic book character from proper Chicago natives and Art Institute of Chicago alumni Rob Syers and Mark Fisher. In 2003 Three Floyd’s licensed Gumballhead to be the name of their wheat beer. Three Floyd’s is great brewery located in Muenster Indiana, they have been producing some of my favorite beers with some of the most unique and original beer label artwork I have ever seen. Gumballhead is a unique wheat beer because it has the hop flavor of an IPA but with body of an American wheat ale. Little know fact Chicago consumes the most wheat beer in the USA. Gumballhead is the perfect summer beer it is light and crisp but with a great flavor profile. It has the hop flavor but not with the hop bitterness that scare people away from IPA’s. Three Floyd’s is a unique and exciting brewery, I say exciting because they are always trying something new they are not afraid to mix with styles (a double IPA with lactose sugar!?!, Apocalypse Cow try it, it’s awesome) and make something completely different that no has seen before. Speaking of comic books the artwork on their labels are amazing and outrageous at times. Three Floyd’s is also home to the biggest beer geek beer, Dark Lord a Russian imperial stout made and sold once a year but thats another beer for another time. Check out some of their labels and the delicious beer inside. Till next time, Cheers!

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