First “Nightmare on Elm Street” images

July 23, 2009


These sneak peeks at the new Freddy Krueger do my heart good.  I know it seems like it’d be hard to screw up a prototype that existed for what, 9 sequels?  But sometimes it happens (isn’t that right, Rob Zombie, you dumb bastard?)  Everything seems to be in place.  And Jackie Earle Haley looks like Freddy Krueger even without make-up on, so I don’t think they could mess it up even if they tried.  Seems like a good crew, too: Samuel Bayer is directing, and one of my favorite bit-players (and voice of Mr. Krabs) Clancy Brown plays a supporting role.  Just too bad I gotta wait til next year for it!  Since I can’t upload the NEW POSTER for some reason, check it out HERE.  And check out the official website HERE.

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