D’zwirra FTW

July 21, 2009


The intertubes is abuzz with chatter of SDCC.  That’s nice.

However, I recently realized that I missed a brilliant gem of news amid the piles of San Diego exclusives lists, complementary cocktail party info, and red carpet-esque celebrity-filled panels.  The Four Horsemen have made one of their Seventh Kingdom variants, D’zwirra, the bengal tiger, a Wizard World Chicago Exclusive!  How sweet is that?  She’s limited to a qty of 250 and is available at the con.  If anyone wants one and will not be able to make it to Wizard World, drop me an e-mail and I’ll try to grab one for you.

For more info on D’zwirra, click here.

For more info on WWC, click here.

Ok, back to obsessing about San Diego…

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