Rotofugi SDCC Schedule and Exclusives!

July 18, 2009


Man, I wish I was going to SDCC.  Yesterday, Rotofugi revealed their official plans for the con:

Welcome to the Rotofugi Somewhat Infrequent Update SPECIAL PRE-San Diego Comic Con 2009 Edition!

If you were with us last time you learned that we’re getting ready to embark on an epic roadtrip….to San Diego Comic Con!

In just a few short hours we’ll be hopping in the car and heading south by southwest with the eventual goal of getting to San Diego in time to set up at Booth 4930.

We’ll be eating tasty road food, listening to lots of audio books (Neal Stephenson’s Anathema was my choice) and most importantly…Twittering. Just follow us @rotofugi to keep up with our progress and maybe get a chance to win a little something here and there (think trivia).

Now…on to the good stuff…here’s some of signings and the stuff we’ll have for sale once we get there….

Saturday 12 Noon-1:45PM

Chris Ryniak Signing and Special Release

The Lake Monsters Big Muscamoot
Fire on the Water Version

What was originally meant to be the very first Lake Monster is now a reality! A little bit of trouble with the first batch of vinyl we received delayed this release but we’ve re-grouped, got new vinyl and won’t ever trust that factory with glue again. Orange vinyl with red, orange and yellow sprays. FIRE.


A small number of pieces will be available AFTER SDCC via lottery. We’ll announce details later. Thanks!

Saturday 2-4PM

Ohm Signing and Special Release

Pure Tcho! Captain Biceps by Muttpop

Tcho! figure design Ohm will be on hand to sign and doodle on a blank version of his Captain Biceps design (not shown…it’s the cool robot one!). Limited to just 50 pieces!


Sunday 12 Noon

Special SDCC / Wonder Festival Summer Dual Release

The Lake Monsters Big Muscamoot
Booskamoot Tribute Version

This tribute to one of our favorite Japanese pop culture characters is a dual release at SDCC as well as at Wonder Festival in Japan. Orange base vinyl with ivory, brown and yellow sprays and a fine misting of silver paint to give a rad pearlescent finish.

$60 at SDCC – Limit One
¥5900 at Wonder Festival

A small number of pieces will be available AFTER SDCC via lottery. We’ll announce details later. Thanks!

Available All Days

Handmade Pocket Devil by Shawnimals Debut Release

A new pocket plush, handmade by the fine Shawnimal folk makes it’s debut…with special SDCC Tag!


Available All Days

The Lake Monsters Big Muscamoot Discount Factory Reject Unpainted Figures

These are the not-so-perfect pieces of vinyl our factory sent us (the reason the Fire on the Water Release was delayed). Some have ill-fitting arms, some have glue drips, some just aren’t right….so we’re selling them off cheap! Mostly they look pretty darn good, they just weren’t good enough to be made into final releases (we’re picky). DIY anyone?

$30 each

Available All Days

Rotofugi Toy Nerd 09 T-Shirts

Chances are that if you’re reading this…and will be attending SDCC, then this is the shirt for you. Be proud of what you are in this 100% Cotton Tee! We are! Sizes Small through XXL.

$16 each

Other Stuff

We’ll also have a good supply of Ninjatown Micro Plush, Marshall Series 1 and Tear Drips Series 1 on hand plus a couple Inked Pulp letter press prints and some neato buttons to pique your interest. So, if you’re going to be at SDCC stop on by Booth 4930 and say hi!

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