“Happy Saturday”

July 18, 2009


Happy Saturday Nerd City. Chicago is a great city, with good bars and restaurants, but when it comes to breweries we are sorely lacking my friends. till now. There are some new kids on the block and they are coming out with some great stuff, I hope to cover all them in the coming weeks, but today we are talking about Half Acre. Half Acre is located on the Northside of the city in the Northcenter neighborhood, they are working on setting up brewery tours and a tasting room. Half Acre started pouring their first beers in Chicago in the summer of 2007. They have 4 beers available Half Acre Lager, Over Ale, Baume and Daisy Cutter. I am going to tell you guys about the Daisy Cutter today. The Daisy Cutter is described as a west coast pale ale. I think this is a great beer you can taste the freshness in the beer. I am a bit of hop head and this beer gives me that hop fix. This beer has a great aroma and big hop flavor on the first sip, oily hops with piney citrus hop flavors. I have been enjoying this beer on draft but it is equally as good in the bottle. What I love about this beer is you can taste the freshness, it can’t be more then 30 days old, and with each sip you appreciate it more. Daisy Cutter is a proper, hand crafted ale. We here at Nerd City are big fans of Half Acre and we look forward to their contribution to the Chicago craft beer scene. Till next Saturday, Cheers!

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