New “Independent” Watches from Tokyoflash!

July 14, 2009

Everything, Everything Else


Here are five new “Independent” brand watches from our friends over at Tokyoflash.  All five are quite stunning and are a little removed from Tokyoflash’s usual assortment of “hard to read but insanely cool” timepieces.  That bling is gonna cost you though…the “Independent” lineup above is a limited offering so you know the prices aren’t going to be in the Timex range.  At the current exchange rate for the Yen (remember…shipped from the land of the rising sun!) you’re going to be looking at between $269 and $323 which really falls into the “what will I pay for a good watch” category.  Click any of the above pics to see them larger and head over to the product page here.

Tokyoflash’s main site here.

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