Nerd City Profile: Waluigi

July 13, 2009


Every so often, we here @ Nerd CIty like to shine the spotlight on an individual who best exemplifies our philosophy, someone who represents just what Nerd City is trying to do. No person is as deserving as this honor as my current choice. Multi-talented sports star, race car driver, and mustachioed purple-clad super villain: Waluigi.

Perhaps not as well known as his counterpart and oft-rumored brother Wario, Waluigi is the stylish one of the two, and although unfairly labeled “sidekick”, is superior in almost every way, including physical fitness, evil laughing, and crooked facial hair maintenance.

Too bad to ever get his own game, Waluigi prefers to be where the action is, including championship stints in Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Strikers, Smash Bros, and other similarly Mario-themed outings.

Although his career has been subject to controversy, including a well-publicized feud with Italian do-gooders/plumbers Mario and Luigi, Waluigi has remained above it all, wickedly cackling his way to a hall of fame career. As he famously once said, “Wahh, Waluigi lose? Impossible!”

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    One Response to “Nerd City Profile: Waluigi”

    1. Mike Says:

      Very well written piece and I whole heartedly agree with your stance. I personally enjoy how be calls everyone a cheater if he doesn’t win at Mario Kart.