“Happy Friday”

July 10, 2009


Happy Friday Nerd City. My name is Bobby and I will be your new resident beer geek. I applied to be Nerd City’s women’s health expert but Ben and Max thought I should cover a subject that I am familiar with. This Friday’s beer is Wittekerke Belgian Wit beer. Belgian Wit beers are cloudy in appearance because they are unfiltered. Wittekerke has a subtle spice flavor with a lemony zest finish, it is crisp and refreshing, perfect for summer. This is the beer that inspired the recipe for Blue Moon, a cheap knock off beer made by Coors in Canada. The best part of Wittekerke is it comes in a can and you know how the hipster kids like their can beers. More breweries are going with cans because it protects the beer better from light and they are easier to recycle. Till next Friday, Cheers!

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