Mongolion, The Ever Living from L’Amore Supreme

July 8, 2009


Check out this sweet new Mumm-Ra-inspired colorway of his Mongolion figure from L’Amore Supreme and Super 7!

From Super Seven:

Ancient Spirits of Evil!  HOOOOO!

Fan Favorite L’Amour Supreme’s Mongolion has returned, and is paying his respect to another in a long line of horribly amazing villains of the past.  Hailing from Third Earth, Mongolion the Ever-Living is cast in light blue vinyl with red, maroon, tan, black and silver sprays, reminiscent of a transforming evil mummy who wears the Snakes of Infinity emblem on his chest.

Mongolion will be offered for sale at $60, Saturday, July 11th, 11am Pacific at the Super7 Store.

Transform this decayed form to Mongo Lion, the Ever-Living!!!!

Get your Mongolion, The Ever living here on Saturday.

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