Chicago Gaming Lives!

July 8, 2009


This has been a rough few years for Chicago, video-game developer-wise. EA Chicago, after making the brilliant Fight Night Round 3, shut their doors forever. Nerd City favorite MIdway Games, after a much-publicized financial collapse, even while still producing excellent games, filed for bankruptcy and is currently being auctioned off to Warner Bros. (See Nerd City’s coverage of the merger here). This does not neccessarily bode well for the Chicago-based office, and could result in the closing of one of the most important gaming companies in history.

Yet there is still hope. Robomodo, a Chicago-based video game company started by two casualties of the EA closing, is currently working on the new skateboard-peripheral based Tony Hawk game. If this game is a hit, which it could easily be, it would represent a new chapter in Chicago-based video game development, filling a much-needed void. So please buy Tony Hawk Ride when it comes out, and support your local video game company.

For more details on Robomodo, read  Jake Malooley’s excellent article in Time Out Chicago here.

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