Ben is Loving The Savage Sword of Conan

June 29, 2009


On a whim, I recently picked up Volume 2 of the phone book-sized collections of The Savage Sword of Conan that Dark Horse has been putting out over the last few years.   I’ve got to say that I’m really glad that I did!  The black and white art by John Buscema, Barry Windsor-Smith and Alfredo Alcala is amazing!  This isn’t a black and white reprint of something that was originally in color, but rather a collection of all of these original black and white comic interpretations of original the Robert Howard stories.  Ray Thomas did a brilliant job of writing these comics in a manner that capture’s Howard’s original “feel”, while making a very smooth, enjoyable read.

All of these Savage Sword collections are really cool documents of an era in which popular comics were beginning to be created with a more adult-oriented tone, but they had yet to overly concern themselves with the pretenses of being “high art” like they would begin to in the mid 80′s.

Check out some great previews all of the Savage Sword of Conan collections and a bunch of other great stuff from Dark Horse Comics here.

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