Happy iPhone Day!!!

June 19, 2009


Apple Line

Since my contract with Verizon ended in April today marks the first time I’ve ever switched carriers.  I’ve never had an issue with the big V since I had my first cell phone waaay back in 1998.  If the iPhone would have been on their network (or multiple networks) I’d still be a happy and loyal customer, but it’s not and I gotta join the Empire…I mean AT&T.  Yes, the lack of MMS at launch sucks.  So does the lack of tethering to a laptop (hacks ARE out there to get around this), but for me I don’t do much picture sending and I rarely have a laptop with me on the road so not a big deal.  I got to the Leawood, KS Apple Store at just about 6:55 AM and the above picture is what was waiting for me.  About 150 people in line waiting to get in.  I really hand it to the Apple staff…they were all super courteous (handing out water since it was a little warm today) and making idle chit chat while waiting for the line to start moving.  All in all it took just under an hour to get in and about another 20 minutes to get checked out and have the iPhone activated.  A far cry from the horror stories of last years 3G launch.

16GB 3G S Black

I’ll have a review of the device, AT&T’s service, and the Apps I find interesting after using it over the weekend.

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