Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Great!

June 18, 2009


So it’s out. The Ghostbusters game has finally been released, following over a year delay, a possible cancellation, and an Atari acquisition. After playing the game over @ Key West Ken‘s house, I gotta tell you: it was absolutely worth the wait. The voice work is top-notch, the writing is sharp and funny, and the character and environment designs are nothing short of boner-inducing.

The story serves as a sequel to the two G.B. films, and the game perfectly blends the cinema-to-game ratio for an indescribably satisfying experience. Using settings and music from the movies, and incorporating them into a new, coherent, and yes, funny, plotline, this is what every Ghostbuster fan has been waiting for. The controls are exactly what you would want from the game, and there is nothing quite like using your PKE meter, and then trapping your first ghost while wearing the fabled brown overalls. With very few exceptions, the game brings back all of your favorite characters with their original voices, including all the boys, plus some notable additions including Alyssa Milano, and Nerd City favorite Brian Doyle Murray as the new Ghostbuster-friendly mayor.

This is a must, must play for any self-respecting Ghostbusters fan, and represents a whole new chapter in the interactive-cinema concept that represents the future of video games. Sorry about the bug eyes thing. I’ll be in my office.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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    One Response to “Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Great!”

    1. Mike Says:

      I was totally gonna write something on this, but don’t have the game yet. Glad to hear you enjoyed it as most video game sites are also giving it very positive reviews.

      If only Rick Moranis could have participated, but he must be too busy getting ready for Little Giants 2.