Today is Hordak Day!

June 15, 2009


Today is the release of possibly the most highly anticipated MOTUC figure yet, Hordak.  It will be interesting to see just how long it takes for him to sell out after he goes on sale at noon EST today.  Production quantities have been increased to meet the anticipated demand for this figure in order to avoid another Mer-Man-type situation in which he sells out in a matter of a couple of hours.  But, who knows?

The point is that if you’re interested in picking up a Hordak and you don’t intend to pay ebay scalper prices, you should probably go here at noon EST today.

Awesome Hordak picture taken from member Guia X.

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    2 Responses to “Today is Hordak Day!”

    1. ben Says:

      Sold out in under an hour. Wow!

    2. Mike Says:

      Damn it, i forgot to check at the right time. Hopefully you got yours.