Pink Ninjas from Shawnimals

June 11, 2009


From Shawnimals:

Phew! We thought for sure Professor Fliggins was a goner, deep inside the Dark Forest being ‘tortured’ by Mr. Demon. Luckily, the oh-so-skilled Pink Ninjas were able to save the day!

From the tag:
“With her Candy Star aerial assault this Pink Ninja is sure to save the day. Beware of her lofty, bubble gum balloons and sassy demeanor!”

Size: ~ 9” x 9” x 3”

Each month Shawnimals will release a new discovery…

  • An all-new handmade plush character
  • Tagged with its description and numbered
  • Limited to 100 pcs
  • Each comes meticulously packaged with brown paper, tied with a cotton string
  • Special accessories – one stick of Ninja Gum?!
  • Character-specific artifacts – this time a grape-flavored Candy Star! (not really candy)
  • A goody bag filled with a sticker and two special buttons!

These monthly releases have an MSRP of $40 each plus shipping. First come, first served!

Get yours here.

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