Band of the Lost Evolutions 3-Pack from Suckadelic

June 4, 2009


The latest and greatest offering from Suckadelic is this awesome 3-packĀ  of figures from The Band of the Lost.

From Suckadelic:

The most extravagant SUCKADELIC set to date. Contains 3 exclusive figures in
a high-quality, full color, 10″ x 12″ blister pack. By far the dopest thing SUCKADELIC has done to date.

40 piece edition.

The Sucklord also briefly discussed his motivation to put out these pieces at this time on his Flickr:

The LAND of the LOST movie is gonna suck, and Will Ferrell is a total douche for making it into some stupid asshole comedy. For real. The show, as cheezy and flawed as it was, had some pretty serious Sci-fi themes going on. There was a real charm to the low budget effects and the hoakey over acting. There is for sure a lot of opportunity for comedy there. I’m not mad that it’s a comedy. It just looks like a very lowbrow, typical Will Ferrell vehicle that shows no respect for the integrity of the source material or it’s fans. I hope I’m wrong, but that awful clip they showed on Conan the other night was not encouraging at all. Stupid potty humor. That’s why these figures are coming out now. To act as a salve to the heartbroken fans that are being screwed by Mr. Ferrell and his bullshit, self-serving stinkeroo. Enjoy!

It’s cool to know that in a world full of blockbuster summer movie remakes that have little to do with their original source material other than a few names, someone is making art that celebrates the original aesthetic of properties like Land of the Lost.

Now, who’s going to step up and do something like this for G.I. Joe and Transformers?

To pick up your own Evolutions 3-Pack or to check out some of the latest music from Band of the Lost, go here.

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    1. item Says:

      Sold out in like 2 days!!!! Damn!