Nintendo E3 coverage.

June 2, 2009


Now this is how a press conference should be held, ok it wasn’t the best but a lot of good stuff was announced. Nintendo started off slow this year starting with sales figures and the usual business stuff, but then they unleashed on us New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Based off the style of New Super Mario Bros for the DS, the Wii version will be a whole new game that will feature 2D side scrolling action and will support up to 4 players. Yes all four players will play at the same time in a co-op style, all while still competing with each other over all (think Legend of Zelda: Four Swords).

After that, we were treated to additional information regarding the already announed Wii Sports resort and Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS. Once that new information was soaked in, Nintendo dropped another debut video on us. This time for Super Mario Galaxy 2. With this sequel, it will mark the first time more than one 3D Mario game has appeared on one system. The gameplay looks fantastic, as expected, and this time around you get to use Yoshi.

Finally before the end of the conference speech, a new Metroid game was shown. This time around it is being developed by Team Ninja (the guys responsible for Ninja Gaiden) and appears to be an action adventure game with some first person aspects that are similar to the Metroid Prime series.

Overall I was very pleased with the Nintendo press conference. The only odd thing is the new Wii Vitality Plus device that straps to your finger and will tell you how relaxed you are during gameplay.


Finally, even though this isn’t a Nintendo game, Capcom gave us the official US trailer for the upcoming Wii fighter Capcom VS Tatsunoko.

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