Microsoft E3 round-up

June 2, 2009


Ok, yes I am biased against the Xbox 360. But I still wasn’t that impressed with Microsofts presentation yesterday. Outside of showing already announced games, including having Paul McCartney and Ringo Star introduce Rock Band: Beatles, Microsoft announced Project Natal. Project Natal works similar to Sonys Eye Toy, in that it will read your entire body so that you will be recognized in the game that you are playing. So you can act like you’re playing soccer or skateboarding and this will be reflected onto the screen. Personally I’m not too impressed with this, but they are obviously going for the casual gamer with this one. Additionally Microsoft announced facebook, twitter and hulu support for their system. Hulu support is a huge addition on their part as streaming it through my browser on my PS3 doesn’t really do too much. Below are videos detailing Project Natal and the trailer for Rock Band: Beatles.

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