Japan, not America, Will Cause Judgement Day

May 26, 2009


Cyberdyne HAL 1Cyberdyne HAL 2

I’ve seen this story in several places today so I figured I had to report this.  Of all the names that a company that designs robotic systems could use, why use Cyberdyne?  I mean it’s not like that company is to blame for the future fall of mankind or anything.  Don’t get me wrong.  Cyberdyne is a great name for a company.  Just not one that develops either a) software, or b) robotics.  In both cases you’re just asking to be run over by your inventions.  And boy, Cyberdyne’s iffy name decisions roll right into their products as well.  The above robotic suit is named HAL.  Yep, HAL.  I mean it’s like they were sitting around thinking “what’s the two coolest tech names that have really screwed mankind?”  Then they proceeded to use them.  If the names don’t set off warnings of a robot takeover then the stats surely will.  The HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) is used to “expand and improve physical capability.”  It actually works with the nervous system of the wearer to give a more human-like response.  And an insane 2-10 (TEN!!!) times strength factor.  If that’s really true then you could lift a small car with it.  It has an approximate battery life of just under 3 hours currently (a 5 hour system is in the works) and only weighs around 40 pounds.  Thankfully it’s only available in Japan (to ward off Godzilla maybe?) right now.  It is scheduled to be tested in the European Union in the near future and no mention of release for the States.  If they would have just named the company Stark Industries I’d be thinking we were on the verge of superheroes.  But nope, we’re gonna have to fight robots instead. 

Link to Cyberdyne’s webpage (with all the future ending stats) here.

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