Episode 47

May 26, 2009


It’s the Nerd City Summer Movie Preview Extravaganza!  Max and Ben talk Terminator, Transformers and GI Joe while fighting off hordes of small children (really!).

Featuring Big 5′s from special guest photographer Lori Sapio and her friend Andy!  You really should listen.

Pics and links after the jump…




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    One Response to “Episode 47”

    1. coop Says:

      I saw the trailer for G.I. Joe before Star Trek. At the end of it when the G.I. Joe title appeared and people realized what movie they were promoting there was an audible groan in the theatre and then snickers and a few boos. I’m not sure if the place was filled with Joe haters, or Joe fans that thought the movie looked shitty. Maybe a bit of both.

      My major complaint about this new G.I. Joe movie is that they should have hired the guy that did Starscream’s voice in the Transformers movie to dub over Cobra Commander using the same voice.