Play Virtual Console games with old school controllers.

May 21, 2009


Retro Adapter
One of the bigger complaints from people is having to use the Wii Classic Controller to play their old Virtual Console games, especially the N64 as the button layout sometimes doesn’t feel natural. Well with Komodos retro adapter, you will be able to use your N64, SNES and NES controllers through your Wii for all your Virtual Console gaming. The adapter will plug into one of your Gamecube ports and will have an adapter on each side of a hub for your old controllers. This is a great idea, but I really wish it would have plugged into the Wiimote to allow the ability to not have to sit close to your TV to use the controller. But for the $20 price point, this will be a great addition to any hardcore Nintendo player. Currently it is unavailable for purchase, but I would assume it will be released shortly.

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