New Marshalls and Tear Drips from Rotofugi

May 21, 2009


Our friends at Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink have done it again with their new Marshall and Tear Drips designer vinyl toys.

Tear Drips are blind box designer toys from artist Travis Lampe.

From Rotofugi:

Happy got you down? Why not try sad!? Tear Drips might be the answer. They are so very very sad — but in a perky and disarming way. Actually, that’s not true…they aren’t perky or disarming at all. Just sad.

Twelve total designs in this series; one blind packaged figure per box in an equal ratio (so, if you want a full set you’re better off buying a case).

Marshall is a blind box designer toy designed by 64 Colors.

From Rotofugi:

Marshall Mashumaro was a little boy who ate so many marshmallows he turned into one! How scary is that? But…he’s just about the cutest little marshmallow boy ever!

Nineteen total designs in this series, one blind packaged figure per box.

Get them all here.

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