MOTUC Webstor Pics!

May 21, 2009


Here they are! Official pics of Mattel’s September MOTUC figure, Webstor! I love the fact that he’s a very faithful update to the 80′s figure (orange gun, grappling hook and all!), but with a slightly cooler face.  I do however, dig the homage to the 200X figure with the additional four arms on the back.


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    5 Responses to “MOTUC Webstor Pics!”

    1. Mike Says:

      That is an insanely great sculpt. His face is really nice in that last pic.

    2. ben Says:

      This is shaping up to be pretty much the coolest toyline ever.

    3. item Says:

      That is one F*****G hot sculpt. The colors are brilliant.

    4. CW Pewbes Says:

      Wow, that’s interesting take on a classic 80s character. I’m really impressed with how they captured the essence of Emmanuel Lewis’ face. Does anyone know if there are any plans for a George Papadapolis figure or perhaps a Nicky? That would be cute.

    5. ben Says:

      There will be no George figure. No Greeks allowed in MOTU.