More Than Meets the Eye…Really

May 19, 2009


Ravage USB

Well, I grew up with the cassette version of Ravage but I realize that we’re not in the 80′s anymore.  This seems to be the perfect update for a character that used to be filled with tape.  I mean it’s hard to make an MP3 a physical object, so this 2 GB USB drive is pretty snazzy.  It looks good when in USB mode and, while simple, looks very acceptable transformed as well.  The only bad thing is the cost…$43.  That’s a lot for only a 2 gig stick (Micro Center is GIVING them away right now) but I guess you have to pay a premium for a robotic cat to watch over you and your data.  Hopefully they will design the entire cassette lineup that Soundwave and Blaster stored in their chests (Lazerbeak, Frenzy, or Rumble anyone?).  It should be available in September.

Gizmodo link here.

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