Custom Stinkor by Madtinker76

May 19, 2009


Check out this sweet new Stinkor from Madtinker76 based off of a Marvel Legends Tech Gear Beast figure.

From Madtinker76:

I am over due for a MOTU Character….was not a fan of the character as a child but I love the recent Staction figure from the four horsemen. So this is heavily influenced from the revamped design.
I added a little more color into his costume..I thought it would be cool in addition to smelling like a skunk if he could also shoot his stench. So I added the wrist blasters. It could be filled with water for a squirt effect but, I think I am going to come up with some sort of attachment that looks like the blasters are shooting off some green stuff.. I havent figured that out.. LOL

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    One Response to “Custom Stinkor by Madtinker76”

    1. MadTinker76 Says:

      Base figure is Tech Gear Beast
      Head is a Cat face stealth Beast with some sanding and sculpting and a hotwheel’s car wheel for the intake mouth piece. I was going for a cross between the classic head and the new 4 horseman look.
      The legs from mid thigh down are stealth beast’s also. I love the shin guards on that figure and it looked mech enough.
      The chest piece is an vintage Mek-a-Nek retooled, with epoxy and foamie sheets, the gas tanks on the back pack is a DC Direct Weaponer of Qward’s Quiver turned upside down with DCSH Steel wires that connect to the mouth piece and some sort of water blaster that connects the wrist blasters.