Another Australian Dreamboat Cast As Superhero

May 18, 2009


Obviously inspired by Hugh Jackman’s recent continuity-shattering, suicide-inducing turn as Wolverine in the steaming pile of shit known as “X-Men: Origins“, reports have confirmed that yet another actor from the prison-island known as Australia has been cast as a superhero, this time in Kenneth Branagh’s highly anticipated “Thor“, scheduled for release in May, 2011.

Chris Hemsworth, who plays Capt. Kirk‘s father in the very cool “Star Trek” movie, has been cast as the title Asgardian. Having recently re-watched the very well done animated Hulk Vs. Thor, and as a bigĀ  fan of the Thor in general, I have to admit I am just glad to see this project moving forward, regardless of how attractive and Australian it might be. Personally, I was holding out for a reprisal of the role by Vincent D’Onofrio. Oh, well.

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    One Response to “Another Australian Dreamboat Cast As Superhero”

    1. ben Says:

      Loving that Jack Kirby cover!