MOTUC Craven from He-Mike

May 14, 2009


In the 80′s, Remco produced various action figure lines that were intended to be compatable with Mattel’s Masters of the Universe line.  Among these lines were a line based upon Mike  Grell’s The Warlord, a pirate themed line, a robot line, and, my personal favorite, The Warrior Beasts.  What made the Warrior beases so cool is that htey were all monsters and featured creatures so crazy looking that they made a lot of the MOTU figures that they attempted to emulate look lame.  At the time, these figures filled the shelves of K-Mart because you much preferred to take home a far more respectable Ram-Man figure.  However, as time has gone on, Warrior Beasts have become some of the most celebrated and sought after toys of their era.

But I digress.  This custom by He-Mike from the forums takes one of the Warrior Beast figures, Craven, and updates him as a Masters of the Universe Classics figure.  Utilizing parts from MOTUC Stratosand Skeletor and the original Warrior Beasts Craven, this figure looks amazing.  I’m loving the paint details, as well.

For more info on this custom, check out the thread at the forums here.

For more info on the original Warrior Beasts line, check out the thread at the Action Figure Archives forums here.

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    One Response to “MOTUC Craven from He-Mike”

    1. Mike Says:

      I remember seeing these as a kid and thinking they were cheap knock offs of the He-Man line, I never knew they were supposed to “interact” with each other. Very nice work though.