Ben Hearts Schlitz

May 14, 2009


just the kiss of the hops

There’s something about the onset of warm weather that draws your beer tastes back to the straight-out-of-the-can flavor of the beers of, erm, yesteryear.  OK, fair enough, that’s a bit cheesy.  But, there’s something really cool about drinking a beer that reminds you of the taste of stealing a sip from your Grandfather’s can when you were a kid.

So Schlitz, “The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous” has recently seen both a return to it’s classic recipe and a significant increase in distribution.  After taste testing 6-8 of these last weekend, I’ve got to say that I’m 100% down with the Schlitz!  What does “the kiss of the hops” taste like, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Think classic midwestern beer flavor on par with a PBR or Old Style.  But, where the crisp, bright flavor of a PBR might be a paralllel to a more sophisticated Stella, think of the tangy/hoppy bitterness of Schlitz to be relatively comprable to an IPA.  Sure, Schlitz is still basically a light, highly carbonated beer that must be drank directly from the can, but in a world in which we’re all so familiar with so many high end craft beers, it just might be the right choice for your summer beer drinking.

The wiki on Schlitz is here.

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