Webstor Will Be Your September MOTUC Figure

May 13, 2009


The internet is abuzz with the news that Webstor will be the Masters of the Universe Classics figure available at MattyCollector.com this September.  With the addition of Hordak and now Webstor into this year’s schedule, Mattel is really doing a good job of keeping the release order unpredictable.

As of now no pics are available on the net, because the images of Webstor are exclusive to this month’s Toyfare 143 (which is available today at your local comic shop).  Early reports suggest that the style of the figure is heavily based upon the looks of the classic 80′s toy.

People are hoping, however, that the figure will include some elements of the design and sculpt of the Webstor staction mini-statue, created by The Four Horsemen a few years back.

So, run out and pick up Toyfare 143 today for the exclusive pics and follow the discussion about MOTUC Webstor at He-Man.org here.

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