Oblio Kicks Ass

May 12, 2009


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Last Friday night, I was lucky enough to catch Nashville’s Oblio at one of my local bars and could not have been more impressed.  Oddly enough, we were actually there to catch a Smiths cover band and had little expectations for any of the opening acts.  However, from their opening song, “Local Criminals”, they totally had me hooked.  I would humbly attempt to describe their syle as a sort of Byrdsian jangle channeled through more modern sounds like The Stone Roses and The Doves with a pinch of a an Old 97′sish polish thrown in for good measure.  What does set them apart form the afromentioned bands, however, are both the extensive use of super cool analog keyboard sounds and a drummer who attacks his kit with an energy reminiscent  of a young John Bonham or Keith Moon.

Their live sound was amazingly tight and their entire set was consistently good, hinting at the potential awesomeness of the album which the band is currently working upon.  Again, I was lucky enough to chat with a couple of the guys from Oblio briefly and they’re super down for joining Nerd City for an upcoming episode of the podcast the next time that they’re in Chicago!  For now, check out these songs:

Across the Table

Ladies Night

Watch this space for more news, but for all of the latest and greatest, go to Oblio’s official site here.

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