RxH Blue Fade Set @ Lulubell Toys for Cinco De Mayo

May 5, 2009


From Lulubell Toys via ToysREvil:

In celebration of our Tucson roots, the long awaited blue fade set from Real x Head will drop stateside on Cinco de Mayo exclusively at Lulubell. Cinco de Mayo is a huge deal in Tucson, and the town literally goes into celebration mode by 5pm. The RxH blue fade set has been one of the most anticipated sets for RxH since the colorway first reared it’s lovely head last December. The blue fade set consists of the Mutant Evil & Mutant Head figures, cast in clear vinyl with a turquoise blue spray fade.

The blue fade Evil & Head retail for US$60 each, and drop on the 5th of May at 5pm Pacific Time. Que bonita!

So what’s the big deal with this colorway? RxH first debuted this fade on the Catkid sculpt, and rumors (desires?) of this fade set quickly followed. Clear vinyl also presents several challenges itself. Clear vinyls are actually made by adding specific chemicals to the standard vinyls to make them translucent. These additives change the properties of the vinyl a bit, making it softer and more easily distorted when being pulled out of the mold. In this particular run for example, less then half made it to finished product.

So Rad!!!

To get your very own set, go to the Lulubell Toy Bodega here.

Also, check out the original ToysREvil article here.

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