Guy Makes Wolverine Claws, Loses any Chance of Having Sex Again

May 5, 2009


I think my title to this post sums it up nicely.  Those custom made Wolverine claws that are spring loaded look pretty rad but I really hope he doesn’t have to scratch his nose (or maybe I do).  On a similar note, X-Men Origins: Wolverine has about as much production value as this video.  In fact the effects seen here might be better than in the summer movie.  I saw it for free and that’s about the only way I’d recommend seeing it to anyone else.  I’d write more about it but frankly it’s already wasted two hours of my life…it does not get any more.  I think I’ll firmly say the true summer movie season starts this Friday with Star Trek.  

If you really want to know more about the details hit up Metacafe here.

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