Turtles in Time remake headed for home consoles???

May 4, 2009


With the 25th anniversary of TMNT going on, there are Turtle Wagons traveling throughout the US promoting all things turtles.  At this wagon party there are playable demos for what appear to be TMNT IV: Turtles in Time.  The game was originally released in arcades and later ported to the Genesis and SNES.  As of now the demo is being played on Xbox 360, so I’m hoping that it will be available on the PS3 (considering the PS3 still hasn’t gotten the original arcade game, I may be out of luck on this).  The youtube video shows minor gameplay but shows off the new 3D style of gameplay while still staying true to the side scroller beat ‘em up genre.  As of this time there are no official announcements of this game being released.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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