Jab Strong Fierce art available for purchase.

April 27, 2009


Following up on Ben’s earlier post, the art from the Jab Strong Fierce Street Fighter exhibit is now available for purchase. The majority of the pieces are still available and prices start as low as $50. If any of my fans would like to purchase the Sakura piece by Mari Inukai then I would gladly take it. For the rest of what is available check everything out HERE.

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    One Response to “Jab Strong Fierce art available for purchase.”

    1. ben Says:

      I seriously cannot believe how reasonably priced all of that stuff is! Those 3-D sculpture/shadowbox pieces by J. Shea are very much my cup of tea. Also that Blaunkius the Protector sculpture by Duzty is quite rad. Again, so reasonably priced. If I had excess cash @ the mo, I would totally buy that shit.