The Royal Barber from Shawnimals

April 9, 2009


From Shawnimals:

Professor Fliggins: The Royal Barber

Or Tarvis Whiskerton to be exact…
A beard that’s also a barber??? That’s correct!

From the tag:
“This chipper clipper has one of the busiest jobs in the Territory, always trimming the bountiful tallocks and goatee shrubs of this land’s rolling hills and vast plains. Gross!”

Size: ~ 9.5” x 10” x 3”

Each month Shawnimals will release a new discovery…

  • An all-new handmade plush character
  • Tagged with its story and numbered
  • Limited to 100 pcs
  • Each comes meticulously packaged with brown paper, tied with a cotton string
  • Special accessories – Like his trimming-filled apron
  • Character-specific artifacts – this time super-sharp sheers!
  • A goody bag filled with a sticker and two special buttons!

These monthly releases have an MSRP of $40 each plus shipping. First come, first served! Or you can guarantee you’ll get every plush released (plus some awesome incentives!) with a subscription here.

Get your very own Travis Wiskerton here.

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