Trek’s Surprising World Premiere

April 7, 2009



Well, viewers in Austin got a surprise last night from Paramount and JJ Abrahms.  See, they thought they were going to see a restored version of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan at the Alamo South put on by AICN with a 10 minute sneak of the upcoming film.  Boy were they wrong/lucky.  After starting TWoK (after introductions by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof – writers/creators for Abrahms) there appeared to be a projector glitch that cut/burnt the film after less than 10 minutes.  Boos ensued (Trek fans…not the easiest to please in case you were wondering).  The guests retook the stage and were deeply apologetic and a bit pissed that something was wrong.  Enter extra special guest, Leonard Nimoy.  He pretty much said that it was unfair that Australia was getting the world premiere (last night as well) and asked if this audience wanted to see the new movie first.  That’s like asking a shark if he wants more after taking an arm off.  So they screened the new Star Trek for a audience of old school Trek fans.  Ballsy move.  And I haven’t seen a bad review of it yet.  There are issues of course, but all have come away with it being a good-to-great flick, Trek fan or not.  After the hubbub of Roger Friedman’s firing after reviewing the work print of Wolverine, it’s nice to see Paramount encouraging reviews to be posted.  Maybe something about quality perhaps?  I’ve tried to stay away from major spoilers, but several reviewers have mentioned that the plot is more clear from the beginning if you read the Star Trek: Countdown comic published by IDW.  Which I believe I mentioned a couple weeks ago you should pick up.  It’s great to see a movie studio doing something other than the bland promotions or viral marketing that is plastered with every summer “tent-pole” film that comes out.  Round of applause all around for this event and here’s to May 8th, a date that can’t come soon enough.      

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