Fantastic Exclusive 2009 is for the Birds

April 7, 2009


Hoo-Ray!  My favorite design, Raven, has won in this year’s Fantastic Exclusive voting.

From The Four Horsemen:

It was a hard fought battle during the March Mauling, with some of the closest voting rounds in FANtastic Exclsusive ( history, but only one champion could be crowned this year. After more than 1,000 votes that champion won the coveted spot of this years exclusive figure by only 174 votes!

It was the Ministry of Hunters vs. the Raven in the final character choice voting bracket of FANtastic Exclusive, and the Raven has clawed his way to the top to take the win by the mere fraction of a feather!

Now that the Raven ahs been named this years Fantastic Exclusive figure, where does he go from here? Well the next part of the Ravens journey is once again up to you.

Beginning next week, all new rounds of voting will begin, and the first round will focus on one of the more technical aspects of action figure design – articulation.

Plus, when we get to the exclusive variants that FANtastic Exclusive has come to be well-known for, there will be even more FANatic participation than ever! Well be asking action figure fans for their opinions and suggestions on secondary weapons, color schemes, names, the characters affiliation, and even types of birds for the variants.

The March Mauling is over, so nows your chance to take a breather. Just sit back, relax, have a cup of tea and a biscuit. Because when voting begins again next week, youll be expected to be at your best and ready to make your voice heard.

FANtastic Exclusive. Rest up. The battle has ended, but the war has just begun!

Sounds awesome to me!

True story: when I was able to chat with a couple of The Four Horsemen briefly at NYCC this year and expressed to them my enthusiasm for this design, they ensured me that it really looked like he was going to win for sure.  I swore secrecy and have been living with this knowledge ever since.  Does that make me cool?  Probably not.

But, what can you do?

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