New Offerings from Suckadelic

April 1, 2009


The Suck-Shark Suckpeg:

From Suckadelic:

Keeping the SUCKPEGS refreshed with a new Delux offering, The Suck Shark.
This is obviously my tribute to JAWS, a yet-untapped Suckadelic Influence
that needed some ironic attention. He is a little hand-sculpted Great
White Shark (carcaridon carcarius ) He comes with  a water base for him
to terrorize. I know a lot of people are doing shark toys, why should I
be any different?  But how many of them come with their own little ocean?
I would venture not many.

He is limited to 40 pieces and costs $45. This was the hardest Suck Peg
to make yet, due to the hand sculpting and brush painting, two things I
don’t usually do on my bootlegs. This is the first color version out of
four. We will follow soon with the
STAR SHARK, THE PSYCH SHARK, and The SHIT SHARK. All coming later this
year. Look out.

Miss Thing Bootleg:

From Suckadelic:

This is the latest installment in the dwindling BOOTLEG series. Only 9
more in the so called “FINAL ELEVEN” to go. This one is
kind of a B-Side, no way  am I gonna top the CREATURE.  I’m told it’s
going to be my best toy of 2009. Doesn’t leave me anywhere to go but down,
so here goes with what I predict may be a sleeper figure.  Behold: MISS
THING, MONSTERS IN DRAG. She is kind of a 1950s style Gorilla-Robot
hybrid, but with the soul of a woman. This is just a funny idea that has
been floating around in my head since I began this series. I made 40 and
it’s a good deal for only $35.00

The Creature (Glo Edition):

From Suckadelic:

Speaking of the CREATURE, there’s no way I’m gonna just walk away from
such a bona fide hit if people are still down to pay for it. Sure the
Classic color is sold out, but here is a new version in, what else?
GLOW-IN-THE-FUCKING-DARK. Yeah, it looks cool. This is a 50 piece
edition, a steal for $30. Comes in a bag. There is no carded version of
this one. I am not counting this against the Final Eleven. I plan to do a
handful of new colors of some of the older figures, none of which will
count against the eleven. It will only count if it is a brand new figure
never before made. Color variations, on the other hand, are just whatever
I want to do without limits. That’s how I’m livin.

Everything is now available at the official Suckadelic site here.

More pics of everything are at Suckadelic’s Flickr here.

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