Amazing Customs by Madtinker76

March 27, 2009


I’m consistently impressed with the custom work of Madtinker76.  Although his work is not limited to MOTU subjects, his reinterpretations of characters from that universe are particularly awesome.  This Snout Spout, for example, which takes the Four Horsemen’s staction interpretation and turns it into a hulking, steam punk, man/ elephant/ robot firefighter.  In addition to the already mentioned Snout Spout staction, the custom utilizes a base body from a Spider-Man Classics Buzzing Beatle, the lower legs from a Power Rangers figure, and the shoulder pads from the 200X Man-At-Arms figure.

Equally cool is this re-imagining of one of my all time fav. characters, Mer-Man.  This figure is based around a DC Super Heroes Parasite body, along with Monster Force Creature from the Black Lagoon Hands and some significant Sculpty work.

Finally, the latest and greatest from Madtinker76 is this super rad King Grayskull custom.  The base body for this is a Deluxe Agression Triple H, and he also utilizes bits from a Legendary Comic Book Heroes Savage Dragon, X-Men Classics Sabretooth, and a Marvel Legends Omega Red.

Please check out the rest of our friend Madtinker76′s work (including some great non-MOTU stuff) here.

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