MOTU Horde Space Demon Custom by COTU

March 26, 2009


Our friends @ COTU have struck classic He-Man custom gold once again with Karoon: Horde Demon from the Asteroid Dungeon.  This guy incorporates parts from Mosquitor, Hordak, and even Gargo from Galoob’s 80′s fantasy line Blackstar.


HORDE general karroon , while leading a force of invaders to scout a new planet was somehow stricken with a strange disease which turned him into a primal beast who lusts for the minds of others. this disease also made his touch a means to drain victims brainwaves while also strickening them with “space dungeon madness”

for lengths of time unrecorded the demonic karroon was locked away in a dark horde dungeon below the surface of an asteroid….that was until now!

For all of the latest from COTU World, check out their blog here.

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