Anaconda available on Blu-Ray…oh yeah and Fletch as well.

March 24, 2009


Direct Link to Youtube Video

Sony Entertainment has announced that the fantastic cinema masterpiece, Anaconda, will be available for the first time on blu-ray June 2nd of 2009.  Many of you out there may be wondering what is so great about Anaconda.  Well it has a star studded cast in Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, J.Lo, Jon Voight and Owen Wilson on top of that you get *spoiler alert* two giant snakes attacking and eating people.  So that should be all the info you need.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

On top of Anaconda being released on June 2nd, Universal announced that they will be bringing the Chevy Chase comedy, Fletch, to the high def format as well.

So mark you calendars, June 2nd is the release of two great movies on blu-ray.

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