Translucent Maxx and Scud from Shocker

March 20, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised earlier this week to finally receive my NYCC exclusive smoky/translucent Maxx and Scud Indie Spotlight figures from Shocker Toys.  They are both beautiful sculpts with all the articulation that one could ask for without compromising the appearance of the figure.  Although we have all already been told that the figure for The Maxx is well over 8″ tall, the size of this piece must truly be seen to be believed, as he’s nearly as wide as he is tall.

The translucent colors on these figures works incredibly well, emphasizing the sculpt while revealing all of the inner workings.  The Maxx  figure is particularly cool in this reguard, because you can actually vaguely see the pin joints in his knees which were actually cast in a translucent yellow plastic.  My only minor complaint would be the fact that The Maxx’s torso, head and arms were all cast in a smoky purple plastic, yet his lower half is in much more translucent purple material.  It’s not the sort of issue that affects your oppinion of the figure all that much, yet it certainly makes you think “Hmm, I wonder why they chose to do that” when you first see the figure. Scud is cast entirely in the more translucent yellow plastic.

As far as accessories go, Scud comes with alt. hands and a translucent yellow Isz, while The Maxx comes with an alt. head (with full Outback headdress!) and some translucent purple Iszs.  All in all, they’re two great figures and I can’t wait for the official Indie Spotlight Series 1 figures when they (knock on wood!) come out very soon.


You can still get these guys and everything else from Shocker Toys here.

edit: Shocker gave me the heads up that the reason for the color difference on Maxx is that his top half is made of vinyl as opposed to pvc-type plastic.

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    2 Responses to “Translucent Maxx and Scud from Shocker”

    1. punch888 Says:

      regard, not reguard. that english degree is working overtime! kisses!

    2. ben Says:

      My English degree gives me license to spell however I please. ;)