The Last Frak’n Episode

March 20, 2009



Well, it’s time for another fantastic show to end its run tonight.  At 9ET/8CT “Battlestar Galactica” wraps up it’s fourth and final seaon on Sci-Fi.  It all started with a six episode mini-series and now will be remembered as one of the most critically acclaimed shows ever shown on cable.  The way this show has grown in it’s short time on tv has been astonishing.  Go back and watch the mini-series.  Find me a show that has developed it’s characters better.  From humanity being destroyed by robots, using suicide bombers as a means to escape occupation, the rape and torture of a female prisioner, and the shocking deaths of numerous characters, this show has packed a punch (to the gut).  Tonight we find out how it all ends.  Sci-Fi is doing an all day marathon of BSG culminating with last weeks part 1 of “Daybreak”, the series’ last chapter.  Tonight’s part 2 is said to run 2 hours, 10 minutes….so a nice solid 3 hours to wrap all the loose storylines up.  What the hell is Starbuck?  Why does the Cylon child (Hera) know “All Along the Watchtower”?  Who’s gonna die?  Will humanity find a home?  It all ends here tonight kids, so strap in and tell your friends to frak off. 

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