Marvel secures deal for MMO game.

March 17, 2009


Marvel Mini

Back in 2007 it was announced that Cryptic studios would be developing a MMO game for the Marvel universe that would be exclusive the the Xbox 360, well fast forward a few years and that game has long been canceled. Good news though today is that an upstart company by the name of Gazillion Entertainment has four development studios working on MMO projects, one of which is for the Marvel universe. Gargantuan studios is the group putting together the Marvel MMO and considering it consists of developers from Blizzard, Sony Online Entertainment, Cryptic and NCsoft, I’m thinking that we will have a quality game on our hands. Now not much more is know about the game and that includes story line, characters used, Ultimate or 616 universe, system (more than likely PC, PS3 and Xbox 360) and even a release date. Stay tuned to our site for further updates.

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