Nerd City Interview: Suckadelic

March 13, 2009


Nerd City has always made it perfectly clear about how we feel about the work of Suckadelic- we love it!  From his music to his bootleg toys to his subversive artistic statements, we just can’t get enough.  We were, therefore, super excited when The Sucklord was cool enough to answer a few of our questions.

Who is Suckadelic?  What inspires him?  And what is his artistic mission?

Suckadelic is an evil arts organization based in Chinatown NYC. The company specializes in bootleg action figures and illegal remix records. The founder and supreme ruler of Suckadelic is the Super Sucklord, a mysterious space traveller and downtown toy imprasario. His chief inspirations are self-promotion, arcane niche studies, and culture jamming. The artistic mission of Suckadelic is to create opportunities for its growth by absorbing and re-appropriating vast qualities of pop culture detritus in an effort to inspire legions of loyal followers to consume its products and champion it’s cause.

Before I was familiar with any of your other work, I discovered your music.  Do you feel that the use of sampling in your music carries over to your philosophical approach towards your other art?

Yeah, we call it “toy sampling.” Taking parts from a bunch of different toys and remixing them into something new. I hide things in there that only real nerds would recognize. I do Same thing with the music.

Also, is there an aesthetic sensibility that influences your toys, for example, that also informs your musical work?

Yeah, A “kitchen sink” mentality, taking stuff from far and wide and boiling it down to something rich and layered with lots of hipster snark. In both cases I try to take uncool nerdy niche references and put them in a “cool” context, such as hip-hop or Gay Rights activism. At the same time I try to demonstrate a serious, almost academic comprehension of the original material. For example, if I’m gonna make a remix of a Micronaut toy and flip him into a statement about lame people on message boards, it has to work on two levels. That’s what I did with the Cosmo Douche. Not only did I try to relay a true-to-life backstory about universal message board wackness, I made sure the piece had unassailable, un-ironic Micronaut cred as well. I did that by mixing parts of both Acroyear 1 and 2. (even though in Japan, Their Acroyear 1 became our Acroyear 2 and vice versa). I try to hit two marks with my best works.

Your toy work is unapologetically referential to action figures in a world where many art toy/ designer vinyl artists tend to avoid such homages.  Why do you feel that your style is more open to this realm than that of your peers?

The 3 and 3/4′ figures were what I played with. To me this are the archetypal scale for toys. Way before I learned to make my own, all my toy fantasies revolved around this scale. I can’t speak for what other people are doing. It all just boils down to the fact is that it’s just what I like and what I know.

What are you listening to while you work at the moment?

I usually listing to left-wing talk radio when I work.


Your video output has increased steadily over the past couple of years. What is your level of involvement in your video projects?

For the Sucakdelic videos, I do all of it. Conceive it, shoot it edit it. For the Original Villains. I do most of the conceptual stuff and the production, but the various people in the episodes often write parts for themselves that fit within the bigger picture. With Microsexuals. I help out with some writing, but I mostly do set building and stop-motion or puppetry work.

The well publicized Christie’s auctions of your work sort of thrust you into the world of mainstream or proper art.  Do you feel that this is a reflection of a general acceptance of the importance of your work by the larger art community or more of an indication of that community’s desire to capitalize on the “next big thing”?

I don’t really know.  It was just one deal that I did with an idealistic person who works there who had a pure affinity for the work on a personal level. I never got that there were really any greater implications to it. I know it may seem that way to someone on the outside of it. But to me it was just another opportunity.

What upcoming projects can we look forward to from The Sucklord?

An epic, multi-chapter Original Villains movie called TOY LORDS of CHINATOWN. It’s a sci-fi gangster movie centering around the bootleg toy racket and all the shady characters that keep it going. It will have a series of figures to go along with it, both vinyl and resin. First episode comes out this Spring.

Thanks so much for your for your time, Sucklord.  Long may you suck!

For all of the latest and greatest about the goings on of Suckadelic, check out the official site here and The Original Villain Network here.

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